network 4.25 client lag at localhost

Hi there!
I am experienced troubles with network after migrate to 4.25 from 4.24.
My notebook Intel Core i7-4710HQ 16 Gb Ram Gtx 860M
My project has approx ~120 character actors (NPC) at max. state with many RPG fields like str, dex… up to 20-25 values all replicated.
Replication graph implemented, optimization network freq. update set to 10 for players and for 2-3 for NPC and other non-player actors.
Many fields have rep condition COND_OwnerOnly , and for NPC inventory replication is disabled. Same for items movement replication disabled of course and net. freq update = 1

I don’t have any settings in DefaultEngine.ini like:


Run at the same computer with two players one - listen server host, second - client. Both on the localhost.Windows 64 Development build.

4.24 test - all ok, but after 10-15 mins of play a bit laggy with some animations of death, but items pickup, drop, projectiles and characters movement all ok.
Frame rate 40-60 fps, stat unit says 18-20 ms for all. Windowed.
The only client has network lags, i think maybe cpu slow for ~120 units, any other ideas?
Nothing to compare but feels like i need to drop units to 80-100 and all will be ok.

4.25 test - huge network client lags. Unplayable. On the same computer at the localhost.
Frame rate 40-60 fps, stat unit says 18-20 ms for all. Windowed. Nothing changes.
At server all fast and good.
A bit more smoothly was after insert at **DefaultEngine.ini **[/Script/OnlineSubsystemUtils.IpNetDriver] with 60 tickrate, but a bit, still very bad playable.
Items replication become too slow, appear only after ~5-10 sec or more at start, after drop item the same huge lag. Movable NPC AI-controlled characters the same very laggy movement on the client. Difficult to see projectiles. All bad.

Any suggestions? Who has experienced the same results? What I miss?

I know this is late. But, I am facing the same problem. I found these posts. It removed the lag completely when I launched the game from the editor as Stand Alone. But, I am still struggling with the packaged version.
I hope this helps.

Thx for info zgzg2020

Sure mate!
By the way, I found a solution for the lag in the packaged version as well:


Thx! But i am afraid of use so big values due to avoid unexpected bugs, so better to investigate it deeper and post to issue tracker as bug, if it so (or maybe already done?)

I already opened a ticked with Epic a while ago, but no sure if they followed up or not. Maybe if you and others would open tickets about this issue, they would be urgent about it?

Good, please give a ticket link i will vote for it!

Thanks! But, unfortunately, I am yet to receive a confirmed ticket number :s