NetDB - PostgreSQL for ue4!

**UPDATE: NetDB is Now Available on the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace for a mere $24.99! Find it here: **

UPDATE II: We now have support for asynchronously interacting with your PostgreSQL database! Connecting to a database, executing SQL, and executing prepared SQL queries can now be done without blocking your game thread or causing any other hiccups! Find out more in the documentation or the update post below.

NetDB is a PostgreSQL Unreal Engine 4 plugin that allows you to easily communicate with a PostgreSQL using blueprints. Securely connect to a database,
execute a query and get the resulting rows can be done using only a few nodes. NetDB even supports prepared queries so you don’t have to worry about SQL injection!


  • PostgreSQL support
  • Easily itterable result system
  • Prepared queries
  • Executing SQL
  • Node for getting the datatype of a column
  • Getting a row as any of 5 datatypes (Character, String, Float, Integer & Boolean)!
  • Transparent casting between the above 5 datatypes.
  • Connecting to a database & executing queries asynchronously!

Please feel free to suggest features and/or improvements, we love to hear feedback!


Which databases are (currently) supported?
We currently support PostgreSQL, and hope you’ll like using PostgreSQL as much as we love using it around here!

Where can I find the documentation?
The latest version of the NetDB documentation can be found on google docs! You can find the documentation here:…it?usp=sharing. Please note that we are still working on tying up the last few loose ends of the documentation before launch, and that this should not be considered a final version. Please leave a reply if you have any feedback/suggestions, we’d love to hear what you think and where we can still improve it!

When will NetDB be launching?
*NetDB has now launched! You can find it on the Unreal Engine marketplace here: *

Where can I purchase NetDB?
*You can purchase NetDB on the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace! NetDB can be found here: *

This looks interesting, will you be able to wright to the DB?

Hey OverRated_AU :slight_smile: If you are referring to writing, it can. It should theoretically support any PostgreSQL supported SQL statement including INSERT & UPDATE (which write / update stuff to a database). Hope this answers you question!

Thanks sounds great.

so…how to download/get it?

Any news or advances on this? Sounds really great and I wanna test it :smiley:

Sorry for not seeing your posts, the forums don’t seem to be sending me any notifications. Anyway, thanks for all of your interest! The plugin has been submitted and is(/was) set to release on August the 9th. I’m currently experiencing some minor complications, and have asked for a push-back (of ~1month), however, I haven’t recieved a reply at the time of writing this (I only submitted the question thismorning). As for updates, there aren’t a lot, other than the fact that it will probably be priced at $29.99. Origional price estimates where lower, however, I wanted to be fair to the competition, and chose to bump it up to a fairer price. Thanks again for your interest!

hmm currently thinking whether I should write this myself or wait …
Any ETA on this?

Hi Th120,

Sorry for the late reply - I didn’t notice your forum post until now because somehow an email notification wasn’t sent to me(?). My apologies for this. To answer your question: we plan on releasing NetDB Q1 2018 (looking like Febuary). I am terribly sorry about the fact that we’ve been delaying this release for almost half a year - however, there where a few issues with us (HowToCompute) - and then a huge spike of new content got released (meaning that getting any kind of exposure would be close to impossible). Though this has become a bit less right now, this is one of the worst seasons to release in - so we’re holding off (for a little while). My apologies for this. We hope to get NetDB out as soon as we deem it feasable, which (unfortionately) is simply not right now :(.

UPDATE: We’re currently planning to release NetDB next Wednesday, the 7th of February at approximately 15:00PM EST (8:00PM GMT)! Our apologies again that this launch is way later than we initially wanted, but at least it’ll be launching now! Furthermore, we’ll be hosting a giveaway for a free copy of NetDB, and all you need to do to participate is reply to this thread (previous replies to this thread are counted too), and you will be entered to win! We hope you’ll enjoy using NetDB as much as we loved creating it when it launches!

NetDB just released! It’s priced at a mere $24.99, and can be found on the UE4 Marketplace here:

We also pushed an update that allows you to see whether a database connection/query succeeded, however, this didn’t get pushed before releasing due to a miscommunication with the UE4 marketplace team. Our apologies about this.

If you are experiencing any issues with NetDB, please let us know by leaving a reply here in the forum thread, or sending me an email ( We hope you’ll enjoy using NetDB as much as we loved creating it, and can’t wait to see what awesome things you’ll create using it!

P.S. The giveaway winner will be announced in the next 1-2 days!

The Unreal Engine Marketplace team has updated NetDB’s URL! If you was wondering why it may have resulted in a 404 error, this is due to it being changed to The previous URL included a -01 prefix, which has now been removed. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and please use the new link from now on!

Furthermore, if you’re not running the latest version of NetDB yet, please update. It contains a few critical fixes that help mitigate the possibility of somehow crashing when used improperly. Fixes are available for both Unreal Engine 4.18 & Unreal Engine 4.17.

We’re happy to announce support for asynchronous functionality! Connecting to a PostgreSQL database, executing a “regular” SQL query, or executing a prepared SQL query can now be done without causing any hiccups in your game. Asynchronous functionality is available for NetDB 1.0.4+, which is currently out for Unreal Engine 4.19. You can find out more on how to use the new asynchronous functionality in our documentation here: NetDB Documentation - Google Docs