Netcode Multiplayer Get Charakter Reference

How do i get a Charakter Reference or the Player Index of the guy who actually plays in a multiplayer?
I want to spawn an actor on the place where a single trace hits but when i test it in multiplayer it always place it where player 1 is looking at and not player 2.
The problem is the single trace is not in the charakter blueprint but in the spawnable actor blueprint itself so i cant use the “self” reference, just the Get Player Controller and this index is on 0 so its always the player 1 its refering to. Hopefully i could explain the problem somehow.
(I need the single line trace inside the Event Graph of my spawnable actor because i update the location every frame with Event Tick. After i got the final position i destroy the actor and spawn a new one on the same location which is no longer dragable.)

Can you send a screenshot of the SpawnActor you’re calling?

Using “Get Actor Location” or “Get Actor Rotation” should work since the server know what is referencing it.

Are you sure that your replicated function is only executed on the server?

This should a little bit like this :

The problem is the actor is not the executer therefore i have to set the target in “get actor location” with “get player character” and there is the index which relates to player 1. He BP_spawn cant know from which player i want the location from until i tell him.

This is a little bit complex and im sorry if i explain it bad i try it on logicaly:
1.Location from Actor (Character) + 800 distance (works) 2. Spawns an Actor on this place (works) 3. Within the spawned Actor is an Event that updates his Location every frame again until he gets destroyed. So its basicly the “Get Location” from Step 1 but instead of “Self” i have to set the target to “Get Player Character” otherwise he tries to get the location of the spawned box but its not what i want. I want the box to follow the Character. And here is the Problem: what works on just one player, doesnt works if 2 players are there because of the Player Index. If i, as player 2, try to let the spawn box follow me, it follows player 1 instead.

I think I understand what you are trying to do and it might not be right way to do it. You should add a Projectile Movement component to your blueprint projectile.

Here you can add a velocity and a life span without having to do anything any blueprint scripting. You just have to make it replicated and it will move in the direction it was created.

Nono, i obviously explained it bad. Here is a video of my singleplayer game. That doesnt work in multiplayer because the wall is taking his position within his own blueprint from where the actor points to. But i cant tell him what actor he should take the position from if its multiplayer. In singleplayer i just did Get Player Location but in multiplayer the Player Index is 0 so the wall takes his position always from player 1 even if im player 2. Need something to reference the client im playing with.