Net Dormancy

Been digging around for a bit online and cant seem to find a good explanation for all of the options here and how they work specifically or what is even safe to use in ARK. Any information would be helpful.

It’s an Engine thing and you probably never want to use it by default. It allows a client to stop receiving updates for an actor over a network without destroying it, like a switch for ‘this actor is online’ or not.

Can only be set on the Server btw.

Is there some other better method for handling stasis?

Is there a way to bring an entire area out of stasis on a world without having a player nearby?

Multisphere traces are extremely spotty in a server environment, and I really don’t like having to get all actors of class then compare distance to.

If the question is: “how do i keep my world alive (no statis) while im not there?” Then im all in for the answer
I think this is a great way to have your world “played” while your not close to dinos, if, you are on a low pop server …