Nesting TArray's inside TSharedRef

Is it possible to best a TArray inside a TSharedRef?

Something similar to

TArray<int32> Variable;
TSharedRef<Test> MySharedRef[Variable] = Test;

Where I’d then be able to reference a dynamic TSharedRef via a TArray like

(results #1 TSharedRef instead of int)

can’t figure it out
The only similar post I’ve found is here

and I’m not able to get that to work with what I’m attempting neither

help is much appreciated!

TSharedRef<TArray<int32>> ?

Your post makes almost no sense, so it’s not clear what you are trying to achieve.

TSharedRef<TArray<STextBox>> TextBox;
TextBox[1] = SNew(STextBox);
TextBox[2] = SNew(STextBox);

Something like this but it has compilation issues

you are doing it the wrong way.
The array should have tsharedref inside of it.
TArray<TSharedRef<STextBox>> TextBoxes

now you can actually do:
TSharedRef<STextBox> mytextbox = SNew(…);

TSharedRef<STextBox> mySecondTextbox = SNew(…);

Then you can access it through TextBoxes[0], and TextBoxes[1] respectively.

You should actually read a tutorial on C++ (since I saw your other post too, and you are a bit confused about arrays)

Also, another mistake you are doing is trying to access the FIRST value of an ARRAY using 1.
The first value is accessed with a zero index: myArray[0]! Indexes start from 0…