nested user defined widgets

I created a widget blueprint called BIGBUTTON with only a large oversized button in the canvas panel. In another widget blueprint, I drag BIGBUTTON onto the canvas panel (from the User Created widgets section).

When I first drag it into the canvas panel it shows the button in the preview window. It looks like it is going to work. Then I compile and save but it doesn’t show up when I check in the game after adding the main widget to the viewport.

Then when I go back into the widget editor it doesn’t show the button in the preview anymore. It still shows BIGBUTTON in the canvas panel (blue square icon) and it is listed under variables in the Graph section. But it won’t let me change any options and won’t let me delete it.

Any reason my User Created widget blueprint won’t show up in my main widget blueprint?

Hello! Can you provide a screenshot of BP scripting and layout please?
It’s always recommended to give detailed information.
I wish I can help!

I was able to find my mistake. I was using this method to clear the widgets from my screen:

But this was also calling RemoveFromParent() on my nested widget and that’s why it wasn’t showing up. So follow the instructions and only use when switching levels to clear everything. :slight_smile: