Nested structures in 4.24? Bug or problem? What happened?

I have a project, that I decided to migrate from 4.23 to 4.24.3. And as I did I’ve found out that it crashes whenever I try to open anything that has reference to one of the structure. Of course the structure itself also crashes when opened. The thing works properly in 4.23. So is it a bug or what? The only thing that is different between this and every other structures that I have in project is the fact that this structure has fields that referencing other structures.

A bug, obviously.
Try the 4.25 preview. If it happens there too, try to reduce your project as much as possible, only leaving your data types that cause the crash. Then send a bug report to Epic with your minimal project attached.

I can’t even do the thing in 4.24. So it can’t be done in 4.24 at all in clean project. It just doesn’t allow to select a custom structure as a type for a variable inside another structure. So there is nothing to send.

Rechecked, it works in clean project. But nested struct from 4.23 isn’t compatible with 4.24.3 engine. It doesn’t survive project conversion.

Going deeper. Traced problem to anim bluprints, that has been referenced in this struct.

Nope. It was a broken nested structs backwards compatibility in 4.24. Had to reassemble the struct in new version of engine and delete old one thru external file manager, and all broken assets was revived.

That is until I’ve restarted the editor. Everything is broken again… ТТоТТ

In 4.25 preview it also crashes on BP opening and hangs on struct opening. And I couldn’t reproduce this in clean project…

The problem is still persist in 4.25. It seems like it doesn’t like that I have a link loop there. BP have link to the Struct that have link to ABP and ABP have link to the BP again. If I break this loop the problem disapears. But it all started only in 4.24, and prior to it everything was fine.

Hey I want to bump this because I’ve just run into this issue. This breaks several marketplace assets and overall engine backwards compatibility. I also noticed it in 4.24 first. I have isolated it in a brand new project and can confirm it breaks the editor when simply trying to move the structs into blank projects in newer engine versions. Pretty shitty.