NeptuneGL - 6dof game like descent / battlefront 2 assault mode - now on steam!


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NeptuneGL is a fast-paced three dimensional six degree of freedom space shooter game in which the player possesses a space ship and must fly in all dimensions to attack other ships. Heavily themed with a sci-fi aspect, the game includes lasers, missiles, and realistic movement physics with special focus on multiplayer. Kill limits and time limits can be set for multiplayer games, serving as good game goal states for a final winner to be determined in each and every online match up. Depending on the choice of the level at start, the game can be set in an enclosed mine-like zone, or an open space. There are several key features that constitute the gameplay:

  • 5 primary weapons - lasers, a minigun, a railgun, rapid fire pulse cannon and charge cannon
  • 6 secondary weapons - missiles, homing missiles, distortion grenades to push targets, cluster missiles that release homing blobs, fast cruise missiles, and a large impact heavy missile
  • mines - a proximity mine and a cluster mine that releases homing blobs to target
  • Player health indicators that are clearly visible to improve reaction time during a fight
  • A radar system to always show where enemy ships are
  • Instantly interchangeable camera views for first and third person
  • Chat and server command system, so you can chat with players and change game settings in-game using console-type entry
  • Push-to-talk networked voice functionality to talk to other players in-game
  • Full detailed playable single player “Athena” level
  • Added single player “Sky Box” level with spawning enemy waves for target practice

Hey guys! I’ll be posting updates here to the game as I get out of beta stage. Hope all of you enjoy my game, and I’ll be working on this in steam beta, going into early access, and even after it’s released. Nerdy? Yes. Fun, absolutely.

Enjoy the thrill of the hunt in this 6 degree of freedom space shooter with immersive graphics and multiplayer.

As of this posting, NeptuneGL was only in development for a few months before being picked up by steam, but I fully intend to keep beta testing the game until its in an early access on steam to try to get a larger userbase. I want to have as many users as possible playing my game, so keep the constructive comments and beta coming guys, I really enjoy working on creative stuff for extended periods and can’t live without it!

Thanks so much for checking out my game! <3 <3 <3 <3

Here are some links I posted on advancements along the way for a few months on other forums before I started posting here. Will be posting here simultaneously from now on. Enjoy guys!

multiplayer / ai preview - multiplayer and ai preview - YouTube

powerup meshes added powerup meshes added, missiles added - YouTube

weapon / powerup update

explosive force neptunegl explosive force test for high damage missiles - YouTube

sci-fi level design neptunegl scifi level - scaled and added powerup volumes, added collision to walls - YouTube

multiplayer levels

hashbash level - neptunegl hashbash level - YouTube

kegparty level - neptunegl kegparty level - YouTube

minerva level -

experimental sci-fi level with imported content from unreal marketplace -

Hello. I don’t play any multiplayer, but I sure check out any new “aerial sci-fi shooter” that comes up :slight_smile: I guess I will post your project on my "Cockpit Games"™ blog :slight_smile:

that would be cool! i just messaged you with a steam beta key if you want to try out the early beta now! :slight_smile:

dedicated server working on ec2, added some weapons, working on singleplayer campaign as well.

Singleplayer coming… Good :slight_smile:

multiplayer test with my friend sun

recent boss ai test

most recent promo video

My game NeptuneGL is on the Epic weekly community spotlight for late August 2018!


added new projectile particle enemies

made some good progress on environments:

added basic mech movement

added turrets!