Neon skies - Unreal Film Jam Entry


I wanted to share our short film for the jam.

“The places we’ve been. The places we’ll go. Which path will Humanity take?”

This was a struggle to finish, but we’ve made it \o/

We hope you like it


I would like to share some of the concept artwork done for our short.

Really nice short film. I like the idea behind the story.
I wish you all the best for the podium.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Here’s some more artwork, a few screenshots of some models:


Here’s a breakdown of our short film with a side by side from storyboard to animation to final picture.

Great work! Looks like you all got a lot done in a pretty short period of time. Impressive!

Love the cinematography!!

Really liked this; animation and models are spot on, as is the camera work. I felt a slight disconnect when Eve was facing away from the camera but her voice sounded like it was still directed toward me. Otherwise I liked the audio and the voice acting is very good.

thanks guys. :slight_smile:
Yeah it was a crazy project to try to do in a month after work hours. But we managed to pull it off, even with all the hiccups and problems :slight_smile:

@Valkyrie_Sound Thanks :slight_smile: I agree with what you said.
I had to edit the sound myself (because the contest didn’t allow a team with more than 5 people) and I didn’t have much time with the deadline lurking. Neither I have the skills cause I usually just chop things together with some very basic adjustments. I know it lacks the treatment and finesse needed to make all the sound fx, music and voice acting to work together well.
Fortunately I have a friend who is a pro and wants to redo the sound, so we will probably get the sound done again and I’m 100% sure it will be way better :smiley:

Sounds good @anabelafaria :slight_smile: it’s difficult when there are time limits and you’re limited to a certain number of people you can work with - it’s very polished for all that :smiley:


In a word…Flawless… All I can really say is, I aspire to that. I have the scripts but not the visual chops right now. Its all the little touches, pans, zooms and mise-en-scène etc etc. For me, its in the same class as this… In short, its one of the best pieces of work on here imo… Just a thought… With the speed this was made, along with the care given, your team could probably specialize in making trailers for every other indie project out there, and end up doing extremely well… :cool: Good luck!

Thank @**ClavosTech , **thats amazing to hear! :smiley:
Haha, yeah I don’t think we would be able to keep up that pace, we were exhausted by the end! But it’s nice to look back and feel like we achieved something special! :smiley: