NEON SINS: Realistic Cyberpunk Short Film (Winner of Kitbash3D contest)

Hello everyone! This is Neon Sins, a short I made in UE4 as a part of a contest and a proof of concept that UE can be used to render high quality cg that matches offline renderers. The goal was to push the boundaries of photorealism in UE4 for cinematics akin to what REBIRTH short film did back then but this time leveraging and pushing all the raytracing features that UE packs in.

I would absolutely love to get this featured in the weekly spotlight, please do check it out and let me know what you think!

High res stills, tech details and more description here:

EDIT: Yayyy! This came second in Kitbash3D’s Neon Nights contest! :smiley:…ontest-winners

That’s awesome. !

Incredible work. Did I spot Zoya the Destroya?

Awesome work **indystry!! well done! **

Thanks Naliam, glad you liked it!

Amazing work!

You have got a great eye! Good catch man! That is her in there, few other pop/modern culture references in there, can you spot them?

Hey victor, nice seeing a fellow PXO workmate here! Thanks for your support man! I have been following your work lately!

Thanks Steve! Checked your UE4 real time characters collection page, great resource!

Great work Indy!, I love the style and the mood you created!, you should consider switching to another department! this is really quality work bro!.

THX :smiley:

Always good to know what others think of my favorite stuff :slight_smile:

Looking nice so far! :):rolleyes:

Wow! So Good. Really inspiring Indy, please can you do a Tutorial on your workflow if possible. Keep up the amazing work!!

Thank you @Alenrqz21 , thanks man! And yeah, I am planning on joining UE team full time, haha. :smiley:

Thanks man, saw the game you developed, great stuff! :slight_smile:

Thanks brother! I am planning on making a breakdown if it gets into the spotlight, glad your liked it! :slight_smile:

Congrats, lovely cyber neon mood! But does anyone noticed some stuttering in the youtube video? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m struggling with stuttering video and the new movie render queue, so maybe it’s just my obsession with that right now. Don’t take it bad, I love your work, but I’d like to see if someone can help me or us if you’re having the same problem.

amazing . waiting to see some tips and tricks and breakdown:D

Amazing! Id love to hear how you went about populating the city and how you get the windows looking so good. I used the foliage brush and sometimes even placing stuff in but wish i had a tutorial on this would be amazing for us :slight_smile: Windows and CityBuilding would love resources on that

Inspirationally good work!!!