Neon Signs?

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone can give me a few pointers on how to make a neon sign, ones like you would see at a carnival/theme park.

What I’m looking to do is create a eerie run down theme park environment and wanted to add some signs to add some more depth to the it.

like the above image, though I would like to have the lights on the outside alternate to appear as if they are going around the sign rather than just on and off.

Any help would be appreciated as this is for a uni project.

Thanks in advance!

The lights on the example picture you linked aren’t neon lights; they look like filament bulbs.

Set up the lights and have them turn on and off in whatever synchronized sequence you want, all attached to a billboard with the message attached. It will be down to timing for the lights. Perhaps you can even setup as a blueprint and make it multi-functional with chase lights, strobing, all on/off, checkered, etc depending on what you have selected for it.

Yeah I was thinking of doing them through the use of point lights and a blueprint, just wanted to ask and see if there was a more efficient/better way of doing it

Well, as for a neon sign, it would pretty much be an Emissive material on the text. Boom! There’s your neon, give it a nice little numeric boost for extra brightness.

I would make an emissive material with the emissive value pretty high and with a Fresnel node with a darker version of the base color to give it that light intensity fall off toward the edges.