Neon Seas - Fast Paced Arcade Shooter

Neon Seas is the first game that we at Stormbrew Studios are releasing and we’re really excited to see everyone’s feedback. Neon Seas is a fast paced 1st/3rd/eventually vr shooter in which the player is able to battle against friends, ai, and bosses in our boss battle mode. Currently we have a handful of guns and some playable game modes, but we’re constantly adding more. We’re currently pushing to get PvP working 100% before we tackle finishing the boss battles. Overall development has been going strong and I’m personally excited to see how this game will turn out!

We recently released to Steam greenlight to get feedback there and to eventually be approved for sales. Please feel free to check it out here: Steam Community :: Error

We’re excited to see feedback on how we can improve the game and we will be working hard to improve it. If you have any suggestions please feel free to tell us because we’re completely open to suggestions in this stage of development.