Neon Idol VR - a total port from Unity to Unreal

Hello all,

my first work for Unreal since 11 years. Due to my job I had to work more and more with Unity. The engine is quite nice for quick and dirty projects. But visually I had to cut back again and again or trick it in such a way that it just doesn’t make any fun and Unity holds out its hand like a beggar for every asset and plug in.

“Thanks” to Corona I had the last months time to orient myself again a little more artistically. Accordingly, my new project has become a bit gloomy.

I really wanted to produce something with Unreal and in my delusions of grandeur my Unity VR project (since 2016 in work) completely ported to Unreal. I was never happy with it, so I wanted to take it to a new level.

I did a small teaser, have fun:

Fortunately, my Unity VR project was already well prepared. All 3D models were already provided with Texture Atlas and I prepared the level design accordingly, so that everything was statically combined by sections and I only had to export the FBX. Even if the scene in the teaser doesn’t look big, it’s a whole apartment with a landing pad for the… Hoverauts and a complete skyscraper scene.

A few shaders, animations and lights later I was able to test it in VR. I had a fabulous 140 FPS even though I didn’t put much into performance optimization. As a comparison with the Unity URP pipeline had a meager 70 FPS and had to trick with the lights so that I turned them on and off depending on the location. In Unity I had to set the shadow mask to 7.5 meters for large scenes.

The 3d models and animations are all handmade with Reallusion, the clothes too. The robot is a cool asset that I bought. But it took me a lot of time to rig the model for Unreal. After I was done, I realized that I could do it automatically. “**** you, Youtube.”

I recorded the whole process. When I have time, I’ll make a time-lapse movie out of it.

I make a little short film series out of the existing game sequences. Also to get some more practice.

What do you guys think of the film? I would be happy about constructive criticism.

Stay healthy, stay at home.