Neofrag Show - Hero shooter game


Neofrag Show is a fast paced, team hero shooter game.
As a champion (hero), you will wear a suit filled with Energy that is key to the strategy of the game as you will use it to fire and survive. Each champion will have its own personality & gameplay.

Teamplay, aiming skills, and communication sound familiar? Great! You will need them.
Warm up!! The TV cameras are on, and fans & spectators are in the arena to support you, so be ready because you are entering into the show!

One last tip: don’t aim at your team mates. Friendly fire is ON!

As hobbyists, we were working in our spare time for the past 5 years to get a demo up and running collaborating with gamers from all different horizons.
The core group is made up of 6 developers and 10 testers.
Thanks to professionals who trust us and our game design we have been able to acquire assets like Voices, Sounds, Music…

We will give you more information on the gameplay & characters during the following weeks.
We hope you will like the concept and can visit our website to register for closed alpha sessions & follow us on the different social network platforms Twitter & Facebook


Our first champion will be revealed on Thursday 6pm CET.

Stay tuned!


sounds pretty interesting, i hope to see where this goes, good luck

Thanks for your support!

Today, a quick look to the stroy of the game :slight_smile:

This sport, a kind of Paintball or Laser game, will be at the origin of numerous tournaments in the entire world. Champions are famous, loved by people and heavily sponsored by private firms.
The Infinitium will be key in the game. The players’ equipments are durable and conceived to be supplied by this energy. The terrific power of this energy, when used by an artillery piece, can go through any material. Here, this power is limited by the non lethal weapon used in the game, and the shoots are absorbed by the suits/armors. The energy pack (a sort of backpack) supplies the weapons via a plug which links the weapon to the athlete’s wrist, but each shot absorbed by the Athlete’s suit also consumes the energy of the pack.

Want to discover more ? Check the storypage in our website :

You can find here a mini tutorial with the basic rules of the gameplay!

If you have any question on the gameplay, just ask!

Don’t forget tomorow 6pm CET, Tetranod is coming out!

It’s time to know more about our week’s champion : Tetranod !

Scotty alias Tetranod is a little tech whiz, passionated by car races and Neofrag Show for their constant technology innovation needs. His close relatives encouraged him in his studies and are proud to see Scotty’s dream came true. He created his own company dedicated to the conception of technological innovation for the Neofrag Show. He already realized numerous prototypes. His physical capabilities are good enough so he can try his last inventions himself in the arena.

Want more ? Let’s take a look at his own page !


Dang, the art is superb! I love the character model.

Thanks, I will share that with my artists.
They had a hard time to get all that done in their spare time!

We made a new video to introduce Tetranod with gameplay from our Alpha testing session footage!

Here we go with our 2nd gameplay tutorial that will explains you the advanced rules!

Today, you can discover a video of one of our sectors that composed the Spencer Arena.

The video is made of Alpha testing session footage and some sequencer movie. The graphic work is still in progress but the level design is done!

Here are some additionals screenshots of the Engine Room sector.

In Game ScreenShots:
EngineRoom_4.jpg EngineRoom_6.jpg
EngineRoom_7.jpg EngineRoom_5.jpg

Some wireframe screenshots:
f99da335d1bbdf964793ff1fcec574452c9bbb0e.jpeg EngineRoom_2.jpg EngineRoom_3.jpg

Our second champion will be revealed on Thursday 6pm CET.

Stay tuned!


It’s time to know more about our week’s champion : Vapor!

Irina alia Vapor, is one of the most experienced competitor of the Neofrag Show. When starting her career she was nice and Fair-play. However, despite her experience she never succeeded to be one of the best. This frustration changed her, ambition and competition devoured her. She discovered she could transform the vapor made by the Infinitium in a weapon. The dangerosity of this vapor is also the reason of her breathing issue, she got her lungs wounded by this vapor. Anyway, the success is finally coming, she is now managing her own Neofrag Show team.

Want more ? Let’s take a look at her own page !

daf1239ae51eab8acb6101e928577ca19136266e.jpeg 6dceffbfa78f179acc920f43ca8d6e4ebc10f7ed.jpeg

screenshot043.jpg 1b1b7911ab2ce9f7c416774d62ddd53907dfa11a.jpeg

Sector - Trinity

Here we are in the reproduction of the chamber of the council designed by Lucius Spencer in 2076.
The last war peace agreements were signed in this place and Lucius got the worldwide exclusivity of production and exploitation of the Infinitium.
The one who dares to cross the central panel of the council must be brave!

It’s time to know more about our week’s champion : Jewel!

Jewel was a Prince, and his father a great emir possessing a large portion of the arabic oil reserves. However, when the war started because of the depletion of the fossil energies, Jewel’s father was killed, the oil reserves destroyed, and Jewel was also officially declared dead. Heavily burned by the new weapons using Spencer’s energy, the infinitium, Jewel survived. It is thanks to this energy and the weapon used that the war could finally have an end, but Jewel accuses Spencer of war Crimes. During his exile Jewel followed a military training to participate to the Neofrag Show under the anonymous disguise of “Jewel”. After each victory he takes a portion of the cash award he obtains to set a new gemstone on his suit in memory of his past wealth. Once he will be rich enough again, and powerful, he will unveil the mystery of his true identity and will also avenge himself from Spencer.

Want more ? Let’s take a look at his own page !

Jewel_6 - Copie.jpg aa73fb6e7bd38ba61fd38878f6a5ad8a648bde5d.jpeg
Jewel_1 - Copie.jpg

*(’s time to discover a new sector: Sanctuary

Here we are in** Lucius Spencer** Japanese Garden, in memory of this nature that is now almost extinct, which at the beginning of the century, was magnified in this space of relaxation and spirituality.

Relaxing? It’s the decor chosen for the race to the bonus round! So shake your body and run !!

it’s time to know more about our week’s champion : Hùshi !

Healer in the Neofrag Show consists more in fixing equipments that real medical actions on a body. However, Min-li alias Hùshi, is in her real like a doctor… Well… At least she tries. The traditional chinese medecine is a family business. Unfortunately, Min-li does not meet her father’s expectations in this area. She is more into the adrenalin rush and quick intervention. Sportive and interested by the new technologies, she will enter the Neofrag Show championship as a healer to proove her value. If she still lacks experience in the assistance of people in need she has the guts and capabilities for that.

Want more ? Let’s take a look at her own page !

Irina bist du Russisch oder Deutsch oder Amerikanisch…möschte kurz reden über das spiel