Neo Blood - 3D Sidescroller set in Neo Tokyo

Hello Everyone! This is small collab project.

A 2 friends and myself have been working on this in our spare time for the last few months. The first level is slowly coming, but is still wip, need re-build all lights, re-create all textures, lightmaps, LOD’s, Instances and materials.

Also wanna show some animations and gameplay mechanics, still working on this and we hire animator.

Hope you like it.please tell me your opinion about it

Done with one prob

This looks really good! I especially like the part of the level shown in WIP 4. The water effects on the streets, the level, and lighting all look incredible. Do you have any plans for the gameplay so far?

Thanks a lot! Yea, right now we do animations and then do some gameplay, it’s be like old castelevania, megaman like game

Some new animations WIP’s

Can’t wait to see more!

Yeah especially WIP4 looks amazing, I would love to see more like that. :slight_smile:

Some Experiment with new UE4 Cloth Tool, big thanks for this update Epic Games. Need so little fix, and then start create hair. Also add some particle effects in animations. Btw it’s not final skin data in character, need fix it!

Next is shooting and some new animation.

Experiment with cartoon shader and texturing for this workflow, it’s be fun, but idk it’s need be cartoon or maybe standart PBR, tell what u think mates

I agree with some of the other comments, WIP 4 looks awesome! I can’t wait to hear more about what this game’s about.

I am thinking cartoon shader, it’s be not the best choose, right now using standart PBR. I complete skinning and rigging character and what we have right now is this :

Right now he is moving in place, need fix it and add weapon in socket

Hello mates! Add some trails and particle effects to animations. I think need block animation with particle and re-do teleporting animation and then starting to do mini boss AI.

That environment looks insane! Nice job

Cool animations!