Nemisindo - New online platform for Sound Effect assets (free)

Hi all,

We are Nemisindo, a London startup who specialises in procedural sound effect generation. We are an Epic Megagrant recipient, developing procedural audio plugins for Unreal Engine. While our plugins are still a work in progress, we did just launch our online platform which might be of interest to some of you.

We have over 60 different procedural models, with over 700 presets for specific sounds. Footsteps, gunshots, helicopters, waterfalls, rockets, sirens; You name it, we have it.

Each of these models can generate sound in real-time, while allowing you to manipulate multiple parameters and shape the sound until it’s exactly what you need.

The best part? It’s completely free until September 18th.

Don’t miss out!

It looks very interesting, I have been having a bit of fun listening to the samples you have up there.

Alligator Breath and Kitten Mew do not work.