Nemecys' Blueprint-Only Games/Projects

Hey guys,

Just thought I should stop keeping all my work to myself, so I started to record some small little videos to demonstrate some of the features and mechanics I have managed to build just using Blueprints.

Hopefully it will be useful to some of you to either give you ideas or at least show you what’s possible without a single line of code!

Project Zeus:

This project is very much a Prop Hunt gametype recreated in UE4; however I wanted to try and take features I came up with myself and others from mods/variants of the original game to try and create something fresh!


  • Teams
  • Respawning
  • Team Select
  • Prop Select
  • Prop Abilities (Vary from prop to prop)
  • Prop Lock
  • Octoprop (Change Texture)
  • Ragdoll/Physics
  • Prop Stacking (Tables can Carry Vases etc.)
  • Spectator Mode
  • Traditional Prop Damage system (Miss and you lose health)
  • Score/Time Limit (Partial)

There are probably more but its been a while since I picked up this project, the artist kind of lost interest.

Project: Outer Heaven

This is a new concept, but you play as a Bounty Hunter infiltrating Spaceships on the hunt to complete your contract and collect your bounty.
It uses Twitch Integration as a feature and has been built and designed in such a way that rooms are independent of one another and can have persistent state throughout the level.

E.G. - Turn off Gravity in room one and it will stay like that until you turn it back on but not affect other rooms. This allows for Twitch Chat to have an affect and actually see it, not turning off a light halfway across the map for example; and without me having to constantly scan and ask for the nearest, or next nearest object and checking their state, then calling a function… etc. etc.


  • Procedural/Hallway Generation
  • Custom Movement System (Walk, Crouch and Run - Backwards movement 25% Slower)
  • Twitch Chat Integration
  • Simple Stealth System (Sight and Sound based AI)
  • Night Vision/Scanners
  • Character Progression
  • Perk Tree (Upgrade Character skills - Speed, Stealth, Dash Distance, etc.)
  • Cash and Points System
  • Room Based Content

I will try my best to answer any questions and update these threads and videos with more production quality as I progress, I hope you enjoy what your looking at so far, there’s more to come!!

Awesome man! You thinking of releasing them or naw? Either way great work!

Here is a bit of GIF spam from my latest project, just wanted to highlight a few of the games aspects and felt rather than listing it, a few gifs wouldn’t go a miss!

Below you will find:
*- Different Weapons

  • Enemy AI (Hearing and Sight)
  • Platforming
  • Wall Slide/Jumping
  • Dashing
  • Death (Time Dilation)
  • Shields (Reflective)*

These images represent a WIP

Thanks JermFireLabs, they are all still a bit rough around the edges and weird issues have brought me to a Standstill with the PropHunt game. Some Server Travelling issues make it a bit more lackluster an experience then it already is, however it is playable and works via Steam Servers, so its entirely hostable and playable but options like “Server Wait Time” aren’t open so the experience is very rigid.

However if there is enough interest and curiosity I will certainly consider it :slight_smile:

that looks really cool man, like a scifi shadow complex

Thanks Jared,

I hadn’t actually looked into Shadow Complex until you mentioned it, but I can REALLY see the resemblance!!

The game originally evolved from a strangely simple Platformer with a very hard contrast art style, but I felt as fun as it was it would benefit from enemies AI and weapons, so I decided to take it down this Sci-Fi route and started toying with the idea of Bounty Hunters and other things, still not 100%

Thanks for commenting :smiley: