NekoCopters is Available!

My new game made on UE4, NekoCopters is available !

link : NekoCopters by Hexalo

A simple arcade game with flying cats.

You play as a cat with a helicopter hat (which allows him to move in the areas) that must run into other cats that are bad (that shoot missiles at you) to neutralize them. When all the enemies are neutralized, you can reach the platform which is usually located in front of your character. While doing this, you will notice that a flag has just appeared. You just have to pass on this flag to increase your score and move to the next level. Moreover, the level of difficulty and crescendo and you have the right to 3 lives.

Trailer :

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Welcome back @HEXALO !

Thank you so much for featuring the release of NekoCopters in the forums and for “Making Something Unreal” in UE4! Your game looks so adorable! :heart_eyes_cat:

How did you come up with the concept for this game? What turned the missile cats bad? Why does the cat only have 3 lives - what happened to the other 6 lives? LOL! (as cats have 9 lives)