Neighborhood archviz concept

Hey guys,

I am proud to present you my first big project as it’s coming close to the finish line.

Sry for sucky resolution, I wasnt able to capture through matinee with sound so I used Nvidia’s shadowplay and somehow this is the quality…for now.

Any feedback welcome especially if you could point me out where to find character pack for people just doing their thing on the streets and in their yard.

Would it be hard to make the cars drive on the streets instead of staying put ( considering I have skeletal mesh with animation ready)?

What about having animated people doing random stuff ? How hard would that be to get ?

Also fps is going to around 20 when looking at the whole project, any advices for quick optimization ? ( I don’t have the time for making LODs) Pretty much everything is on single main LOD except some vegetation.

Any other tips ?

Hi guys, I finally found the time to close up this project. The client wanted a more saturated/colored look than photorealistic so this is what I ended up with :

Watch in HD!

Nice work. I imagine those birds will become annoying after a while though. =P

Thanks, that might be true altough they are supposed to have a relaxing effect. The client wanted me to scale up the volume though… I would have gone for a more background sound for them.

Wow Robbie,
Amazing work done!