[ NEGOTIABLE] Sci-Fi Sports Game Prototype

I have a project that I’ve been developing on and off since UE4 was $20/month (however long ago that was) and I recently scrapped my sloppy code and started over from scratch. The blueprints and programming are absolutely killing my motivation, creativity and progress. I’d much prefer to work on my game models but I want a working prototype first.

The concept is for a co-operative sports type game set in the near future, the basic idea is very simple and incredibly fun. However when we scale this thing up I want high levels of customization, proper leagues/seasons and much more. I’m willing to pay for help/tutoring. I’m also willing to give ownership & royalties, and I’m open to negotiating for some other options if you have any ideas. I just want to create this thing.

The goal is to complete a fun playable demo with some basic graphics (that I’ll be making). Then to kickstart the project with proper marketing and use the funds to hire the right people to bring this game to PS4 and Steam. I also have a few peers/friends with enough capital to invest in the project, but I need something worth showing them first.

I suppose I’m looking for a programming oriented partner, while I’ll be the creative/3D, marketing and business side of the relationship. I currently run a successful import/distribution company, but my passion is games.

If this is too vague I’m sorry, I can send more information in private. If you like Rocket League you’ll absolutely love this. If you’re sick of not being able to find any good co-op games you’ll love this. If you want to play games with your wife but she can’t shoot guns then you’ll probably love this (this scenario with some other influences sparked the idea).

If you are interested please reply, or PM with your contact information.

Thank you!