[Negotiable] Looking to tech/design/artist contributors!!!

I’m looking for collaborators on my project - Matchoo. I am also simultaneously looking for financial backing. It’s very close to a beta launch and has a lot scope for creative freedom within it. The basic premise is educational content, with users skinning games we build for them.

What I have is a base technical implementation for rapid iteration from this point. A working market place and basic content editor for end users, integration with cloud services for DLC with servers turning user content into Unreal Data that can be downloaded and played by other users.

There are some constraints on the content - non offensive (including avoiding violence if possible) but the possibilities are also ENDLESS.

I’m looking for support in many areas. The project will go live without ANY further support but has a million potential improvements.

  • **Tech **(DLC support, development of a plugin allowing people to build Unreal content packs that can be skinned, multiplayer integration etc etc etc).
  • **Gameplay **- Mini games to get skinned. C++ And / Or Blueprint
  • **Artists **to build levels, models, animations

My track record is solid. I’ve run teams of up to 60 people and worked on many successful projects. This project WILL release.

Depending on who offers up support I will negotiate a fair deal. I can work with industry vets or people new to the industry or looking to break in with the caveat that you have to feel comfortable creating solid content in Unreal before I can support you.

There is room for sub teams within Matchoo. A Minigame could be tower defence where you have to shoot words that don’t match and save words that do for powerups. It could be flying down a valley going through hoops with the right words over them. It could be… oh so many things! I want YOUR ideas.

Let me know if you have any interest and talent to share!

**Wanted ** - VFX artists to build sharp arcade VFX packs that are mobile friendly.

We would like to offer users a set of VFX packs for their game modes to make them stand out. You would get in game credits and we can negotiate beyond that based on experience and delivery.

Right now we’re using VFX that is tweaked from marketplace content but having something designed for the different game modes would be awesome.

[I’m going to post a few of these over the next week with a bit more detail on what specific skills could help out]

Wanted - Blueprint creators!

Blueprint creators are going to become the kings and queens of Matchoo. There are three levels of creators; the end users who provide material - photos, words, audio, the engine builders who build a foundation for everything and YOU the blueprint creator who pulls everyone together and makes it fun!

More seriously, Matchoo is a platform that links UGC with gameplay. Gameplay can be anything provided its not too violent and some of it can be created in blueprint. If you’re a blueprint girl/guy/guru there’s huge scope for you to build new gameplay that end users can then use / play.

And you’ll get credit, or paid if we get that far (we will, I’m just being cagey).
Interested?** Shoot me a pm!

**Wanted ** - C++ programmers!

Matchoo has a serious C++ layer on top of unreal, but as well as the dry technical stuff (talking to DB’s, working with the unreal DLC system, iOS keyboard and camera handling etc) there are opportunities for programmers with less experience who want to build minigames but don’t want to deal with maintaining a whole game, or programmers who have non unreal skills looking for a neat project to learn how the engine works while actually producing something fun and distributable.

Want to play with multiplayer?* Check…*
Want to build fun minigames? Check…
Want to work on system engineering to enable hordes of end users imaginations? Check…

Hi tom, tried to pm you but I couldn’t. Not very familiar with the board so might be my mistake. I’m interested in C++ work on Unreal. How can I contact you to discuss further?.

Not sure why I didn’t get a notification for your post - hit me up on thomas.shepherd at

If you start with your current experience and ambitions we can take it from there!

Wanted - Teachers

Yep - that’s right. Teachers!

Hopefully you’re also making content (blueprint, C++, Art, blah blah) using unreal, or you are about to and have some skills that are ready to roll.

You like education, that’s why you’re a teacher and you like games, that’s why you’re here working with Unreal.

Artists - Wanted!

Nothing ever looks good until artists get involved! Matchoo could benefit from a mixture of 2d and 3d art.

The existing game modes could all do with either static or animated backdrops and some particles effects would be great. Using level blueprints we can drive scene animations in response to standard game events.

For the mode backdrops we’d be creating a palate of different back drops for the content creators to put behind their content. The particles effects are similar, they would be designed to be spawned in response to a small set of game events and users will be able to apply these particle effects to their content.

Needed - Audio designer

Isn’t it amazing how bland a project appears visually until audio gets involved. Suddenly those animations pop out, UI transitions seem sure and well defined. Its power to transform is often over looked but until the audio is good the game is not.

There’s something worse than the audioless project though. There’s the project with test audio slapped in and hitting you in the face like a wet fish everytime it plays. Sadly that’s where Matchoo is now and it needs YOUR help.

Who are you? You understand audio, you love playing with high and low pass filters, pitch, volume balance. You’ve maybe got some experience with audio in Unreal already, you might not but you’re ready to get involved.

Hopefully you have an iphone, because right now audio sounds worse on the iphone than the other platforms (I’m working on this in your absence, but I’m a programmer who although he has some technical skills and an ear does not have the right technical skills and would prefer to use the skills he does have).

You might not have an iphone, that’s okay, we’ll work with that.

You’re interested in good arcade audio sound. Think Sonic, or similar. Later on I’d hope to tackle more subtle areas - launch into proper 3d worlds VR etc but right now we’re talking clear and simple.

You don’t mind working on an educational product, because you’re going to be part of a team that redefines the genre.

You’re happy to be self funded for a bit, knowing that we’re going to grow a small and smart team that will fix this. You might not be in which case we can talk rates and I’ll either pay for some more critical work now or put you in the address book for potential future work.