Negative scaled static meshes, normals, and FBX export

I’m trying to process some geometry I’ve exported from a level as an FBX file. I need good normal information. The editor allows artists to do negative scale on static meshes without reversing their normals. It seems to do something to fix them up. However, it doesn’t appear this fix gets applied when you export to FBX. A scene with correct normals in editor has half the static meshes (the artist did a -x scale to mirror part of the level) with inverted normals in my FBX scene. Is there a way to fix this, or can a feature be added to include this fix as part of the FBX export?

Well i found a workaround in Houdini to fix this. I can query the “fbx_scale” attribute and flip the normals for anything with a scale < 0. It would still be nice if this was fixed automatically on export though.