Negative experience submitting bug report

So, awhile back when Epic was getting all that negative press for crunching too much. I sent in a bug report about a code path not working while running Unreal from the terminal. It has since been fixed, long after my bug report was submitted; but, my report was just deleted since I’m not on Ubuntu. It was something with Unreal where it needed user input to recompile and load a project; but, Unreal at the time was setup to believe it was running on a build server, and no user would be there, skipping the prompt.

I completely understand not supporting features unique to unsupported flavors of Linux. Only problem is I read the code, didn’t feel like taking the time to fix it, and it was code distro agnostic; so, I tried passing it off to someone at Epic. I don’t have enough computers at home for an Ubuntu machine. I can falsify the report to get it through. But, whoever was doing the support dismissed me, and insulted me. I understand with crunch people get on edge. I just think there’s something here that’s creating friction for Unreal development on Linux. That bug was there for like 3 or 4 minor version updates, with a couple versions coming after my report was dismissed.

So I think that the binary version for linux is distro agnostic and only prerequisite is the to have build essential, vulkan sdk, and official drivers.
I am able to run compiled binary from one distro to run on 4 others without any problem.

All systemd distros are the same. desktop enviroment does not have much influence on the working of engine unless its running on wayland. So distro should not be a criteria/excuse anymore