Negating or ignoring impulse push/knockback effect

I’ve been trying to find a way to have certain dinos ignore the impulse knockback, but I’ve not had any luck finding anything that will work. I’ve noticed that a spino can be ridden and used to spam bite smaller dinos, which can never reach you to hit you due to severe knockback and short attack range of smaller dinos.

I suspect that setting “Is Big Dino” may have an influence, as should one of the weight or mass values, but these would have other unwanted side effects. Can Be Pushed is already unchecked, suggesting that has no influence.

My first approach was to attempt to work around it with increasing attack range, but despite setting the Attack Range in the AI Controller, as well as in the Character BP (Attack Info’s), I saw very little difference if any (raptor still has to run up under the belly of a spino to hit it, and spino can bite so fast it can never get there). Another idea I’ve considered is simply reducing the speed at which you can use the dino attacks, giving a forced delay which gives most things enough time to at least get one attack off. That said, being a game and forgoing realism, dinos need to have larger colliders to allow them to be hit from further away (quite often even as a player, trying to run under and hit a spino you know you’re hitting the mesh it but it’s not hitting the collider). This is also heavily noticed with larger dinos who have smaller colliders (like brontos). However, once again, side effects of increasing the colliders can be bad.

I have tried a number of other hackish workaround things that haven’t worked, but I won’t list them all here… hopefully someone has a poorly named variable I overlooked that’ll do the trick.

Does anyone know of such a variable now exposed to simply ignore impulse knockback? It’s no wonder dinos are no threat once you have a larger one to ride with knockback and a small collider to hit, and why few ever put into health as a result.

I may simply look at removing the impulse from all dinos in my TC instead, but if it can be negated that’d be preferred for now.

Thanks for any ideas you guys have.

Edit: Is Big Dino has no effect.

What I did was reduce the impulse on a per dino basis, so that raptors can actually get in there and bite. Not remove it entirely… it’s still a nice effect.