needing help with splines

Hi, hope that someone who is smarter than me can help me -_- i hope u understand what i am trying to do.

Blueprint setup: (construction script)

Origin // set to X0/Y0/Z0/
→ Point A // set to relative location of “spline relative location” minus (get location at distance along spline) = so first splinepoint is at origin
→ Spline // closed spline
—> Mesh // set to relative location of “Spline (center of the closed spline)”

now i want to - via tick - move the spline along the origin point. (basicly the opposite of moving along the spline, faking movement on spline around the object)
but how? In my head i know exactly what to do… but i cant figure out how to put this logic into bp.

(sorry for bad english)

Maybe get distance at location along spline, then use that value to set an offset?

i cant figure out how -_-

this is what i got - seems my brain can’t convert my thoughts to bp

you are multiplying by 0 so you will always return 0.

I tried like 50 different ways.

(the screenshot just shows the starting point from where i startet testing different solutions)

Could you draw a diagram of what you would like it to do? That will help me understand better.

thanks for trying to help me out.

the thing is really easy.

just think about a blueprint that has al closed spline and a static mesh.
but instead of looping the static mesh on the splinepath i want to have the mash just stitting there on yxz 0 not moveing at all and move the spline through the mesh… like a vhs tape :D…

i managed to offset the splinecenter so that splinepoint 1 is at location of the mesh wich is xyz 0
but i cant figure out how the fake the movement .

I’m not sure off the top of my head of the exact maths, but you should be able to move the spline points then update your spline mesh. I believe you need to move the individual points, not the spline itself.