[NEEDED] Word Press UE4 Widget, Shortcode, Plugins Intergration

Hi Guys, I need a way to be able to have a word press site in UE4.

I want to be able to have a word press site and mysql database to be able to display and operate within the ue4 interface.

E.g I have a animated graph bar system with wordpress site, I want to be able to conifugure an object by drop down selections which when complete then builds the graph bar stats displays them through a UMG widget.

In short the modular nature of word press, side panels , footer , header etc etc to be able to be displayed as a floating widget that the user can place and dock where they like on the screen canvas hud for example.

By using a word press system to drive the UE4 interface should make adding new content, features easier due to the simple build nature of word press, but drawing that data from the online server for the word press site into the UE4 World.

Does anyone have anything similar, know how the best way to do this is, Or be willing to write this for which i will pay good money.



My first thought would be to use the wordpress json rest api

Then you could use the parse the json in code or with the blueprint addon.

You may want to have a look at BLUI, it embeds the CEF3 (Chrome Embedded Framework 3) into the engine.
Its is basically an offscreen browser that fills a texture with the rendered pixel data and renders this into a UMG widget.

There is also an expensive Plugin available Coherent UI but that might be beyond your budget with 3500 $ USD.

There’s also an extremely basic builtin browser CEF widget so long as you’re sticking to mac/pc. You just enable to browser widget plugin to have it added to the palette of widgets.