Needed Tutorials

Hey guys,

I was interested in coming up with a couple of tutorials, and I was curious as to what people currently needed tutorials for. I see the basic ones in the Wiki/Youtube page, so anyone have any ideas what needs to be continued from there?

Hey zazabar, Welcome to the forums! :cool:

General “from scratch” game building tutorials are always popular, as they tend to help people get started in the environment and see the best path to bring their ideas to life. Let me know how I can help!

I personally would like to see more c++ tutorials combined with the suggestion from :slight_smile:

I would like to see ones about non-combatant NPCs, which I haven’t seen featured in any tutorials yet.

Spawning them, setting “patrol routes”, maybe even dialogue.

I could do some of these as well, though they’d probably be more directed towards creating some more fancy stuff in the UE, since there are already tons of general C++ guides out there.

So some AI/pathfinding algorithm tutorials, I can do that.

That would be cool. Don’t forget, if you have tutorials that are on areas that are yet to have been covered, you’ll probably end up linked to by the Unreal Engine Wiki. :cool:

I’d second any and all AI tutorials especially any for melee, bows and magic. Just to see different approaches that work.

I know is a bit of a stretch (as I don’t think many use it yet), but I would love to see some tutorials on UMG. I’ve been playing around with it and it is really awesome, but doesn’t have much info on how to create a working UI, and how all the different objects you can place on the canvas work &/or when to use them.

So if anyone out there has built a cool looking & functional UI with UMG, an overview of how it was accomplished would be great! :slight_smile:

I can do one eventually, but afaik the UMG code is still being changed/updated heavily and isn’t fully supported yet.

AI seems to be the big hit right now so I’ll see if I can’t work on some of those.

Yeah it’s not fully supported (not even in the “experimental” options yet…), just thought I’d ask in case you had used it. AI is another that would be very useful, so I’ll add a vote on that! :wink:

Yeah I’m stoked for UMG myself, can’t wait til it’s ready for prime time. Also reminder - if you get any tutorials completed, shoot me a link and I’ll get em added to the community tutorials list!

Sounds good, I’ll just make sure to get them vetted by the community first!