(needed) Tri-Planar mapping solution for CAD data

I was looking for tri-planar material mapping method to use for imported cad data that doesn’t have clean UVs. World aligned textures do somewhat solve the issue however having objects be able to move without the materials “swimming” is also an important part so it does not fully solve my issue.

In the automotive field we don’t have time to properly uv map most objects due to time constraints, I find myself often importing data and having only 10-20 minutes before things need to be reviewed in VR

Our current software is Autodesk VRED which has a nice triplanar mapping solution as well as a planar mapping solution , light baking is also done differently by subdividing the actual geometry, which while producing lower quality results is fast enough to keep pace with the automotive design process.

If anyone knows of any methods or if there are any blueprints that would be useful any help would be appreciated.


Brendan Wall,

needed for all meshes…@@

for now you may try a custom Local Aligned Texture