***need_help with nvidia shield tablet packing***

HELLO EVERYONE :slight_smile:
Yesterday I was very excited to get the NVIDIA TABLET, so I’ll test it packaged UE4 scene, but there are a lot of questions I hope you can help me, The problem is

1: I can find USB, PC link shield is ok, confirmed that MTP

2: LAUNCH could not find my Android device, my system is Android 5.01 (no root)

3: I’ll start packing up and DXT ~ ~ USE ACT and tried all the modes, but still is es2 MODE?

4: PROJECT PACKING I’ve tried to develop and SHIPPING, got Install_test_ue_Shipping-armv7-es2.bat BUT I can not install ~ In Dos modes tell me can not find my device.

please tell me what is the problem Thank developer.:slight_smile:

Did you turn on developer mode on shield?

My problem was that i needed to install newer android sdk from nvidia, which messed up a bit unreal android sdk. But after few random reinstalls of components it somehow works.
See in the log when deploying project to android, there will be probably hit or error messages.

It is also quite possible that you did some settings that forbid game from running on android, like shader model compiled for pc instead of android, because you forced it somewhere. etc.

Try dedploying for eg. flappy bird. And see if it works. Default UE4 scene is not configured for mobile, flappy bird is, or that sun temple example.

Thanks for your reply, I am made a mistake, I forgot to turn the developer mode on ~ problem solved.:slight_smile:

I tested 4.7 can pack, but in the TABLET, it does not work, black screen, and CRASH.

I have tried 4.61, succeeded.

I packed a official living room scene, it can be run, but a little strange, scene unlike demo on youtube ,lost a lot of quality.

No reflection ,low resolution looks like no HD_resolution(1080p) , low fps~

Did i miss something in setting?

Please developers help me, thank you again for your reply:)

I have nvidia shield, i do not bother with any big optimizations yet, its not needed.

Well besides standard stuff, like not using dynamic lights , but faking them with emmisive material etc. I even could run that very cool star system that you can buy on marketplace.
All i “optimized” there was removing some corona shets and emmiters, because my sun always faces same side, and for one event when player can see other side of sun i added billboard that always faces camera. Shield is quite powerful tablet. So my game has quite nice shaders, fakes dynamic light (from sun) has great looking star all while it runs quite well.

PS. And i package it with maximum quality setting.

Real optimization and squeezing every last fps will come later. If you think about your code (and gameplay, ie not overdo active actors, keep them to 20-50 or so), all you need to optimize later are shaders and texture sizes.

hank you again for your reply:)

You arr welcome.

Slowest parts of androind rendering are: transparent materials and lights that are dynamic or lit dynamic actors.
So be very careful with transparent sprites, and fake all dynamic lights and materials.

I for eg. removed all lights altogether from my game, no lights at all, everything is faked with unlit materials. Game runs solid 50-60FPS on tablet, and around 700-800fps on PC when i emulate android. And all looks great.