Need your advice on my project's future

I started to develop games about a year ago. I’m targeting only mobile, so my first engine was Unity and first project was… indie horror of course)
Then I switched to the Unreal and realized that I couldn’t make the game good enough, so I started a new project. It’s semi-side scroller with physics based mechanics. I’ve started it in Unreal just because I was using it in the last project and now I’m about to regret it. The game is playable now and I’m not so far from the end of developing. But there’s many issues: not critical bugs, freezes, yesterday I found out that on ES 2.0 phones level isn’t rendering, just pure skybox, etc.
But again it’s pretty playable and I’m quite succeeded in developing.
Now I’m wondering: should I switch to Unity or another engine, because I already know that Unity will perform better. But I’ve switched engine once (Unity-Unreal) and it was painful. It can take weeks or months.
I’m at crossroads, need you advices, guys

How do you know this? Perhaps you are doing things the ‘wrong’ way in UE4?

You already switched once, so there must have been strong reasons to step away from Unity.

From my experience its not the tool that fails, but how the tool is used. Perhaps you should work on the things that dont go well. Put your problems on the forum here (make sure you include enough details). Plenty of people who are willing to help.

Try Godot. It is great for small games and 2d games. Also produces much smaller apk compared to unreal. With mobiles there is that problem when you have almost 200mb apk, people will expect big game with nice graphics. But unreal binary eats like 80mb out of it. So unless you can create above average quality game for mobiles, I would suggest something that makes smaller files.

Unreal makes sense when you have artists, that can produce content. For simple games i suggest something like godot.

As to bugs and similar issues i think no matter what engine you will use you will have them. So test your game and fix them all.

I switched because of Unreal’s popularity and I wanted to make game with good graphics. And it’s was beautiful and performed like in Unity. But now even with simplest graphic and 60 fps game can drop it to 30-40 fps with no noticable reason.
​​​​​​​I was talking about Unreal’s bugs, crashes. It’s literally crashes 3-4 times a week because of stupid bugs (like when you use quit game node in play mode)
​​​​​​​Unreal is great but it’s not for lightweight mobile games

I was thinking about Godot. But I’ve checked it physics and ragdoll on youtube and I’m not satisfied with that

Hello @Vefery-,

Sounds like you’re about to enter the never-ending project restart syndrome. Figure out the problem in unrealengine, and stick to it. Otherwise you be jumping back and forth between engines and never complete the project. I know from experience, and bounced between engines for years. I stuck it out with UE4 and finally developing something worth-a-sh*t.

I dunno, i once was working on a game for mobile using unity and i had nothing but errors and that was just the android side. So i dont think it has anything to do with the engines but more the platforms that one is developing for. I feel that mobile devices have some weird little quirks that need to be addressed in order tor one to develop for it.