Need VFX Artist for Loot Drop Particle Effects, Possibly More Work in The Future

Afternoon all. I am currently looking to spruce up the loot drop visuals in Hellrift, my Unreal 4 ARPG in development. I need someone that can handle the following.

Create a particle effect that I can use for loot drops. Preferably something with a central effect and a small (short) light beam coming out of it. It would also need a symbol/holographic effect as part of the central piece in order to indicate the type of item. I would need effects for the following:

*Weapon Mods
*Crafting Mats
*Skill Modifiers/Runes/Whatever We End Up Calling Them
*Jewelry (Belt + artifact slots. Not sure we’ll use this).

I also need to be able to change the color of them on the fly (as is possible with most particle effects) so I can mess with the different rarity indicators and variations.

The effects can look exactly the same, except for the small symbol or indicator for the item type.

We are going for a semi-realistic, somewhat gritty look. I’ve attached an image of our completed monster to indicate that. I’ll be happy to answer questions and discuss this task further with anyone that messages me or responds to this post. Thanks.