Need very optimized line drawing

Hi! I need someone to come up with very optimized lines drawing solution in 3D space. Need to draw 10000-20000 at once without performance hit

Now, where is the challenge?

Those lines need to be constantly updated, like once per 20-30 seconds, and this update needs to be smooth, no FPS spikes.

How do I imagine this? (maybe can be better way, then propose it too)

All lines are just vertices of a single mesh, i.e. point cloud maybe?

And there is post-process shader, which solves the live drawing somehow

Then, probably, those vertex positions can be updated very fast, maybe even on background thread.

The lines has be able to support different color, the best if they could also glow or be affected in some other way during the post-process.

Let me know, if you can help!

I can help you. Plz shoot me at