Need Urgent Response To This Questions!


i been working on this little level with asset i imported from my unity project. Which is a bad idea i know but i not a modeler, and wanted some custom assets to play with instead of the ue 4 content. I have some problems with lighting of the level i will post a shot below.

ps: still trying to figure out the material stuff, so it not polished yet but if anyone want to help me with the materials that would be awesome.


I have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to use Emissive texture on my mesh as the lighting source? Instead of adding a point light or spotlight i mean.
    Can i make the glow into a light source to light up the hallway?

well let me hear your responds to this question first.

Oh and also I am a novice to this still learning the ropes, so any tips is welcome.

No, we do not support emissive lighting as we did in UE3. So you’re still adding lights for those.

As for Material tips, my big one would be to make sure Metallic is EITHER 0 or 1, and (generally) never anything in between. Decimal values in Metallic will really kill your lighting. Also, remember that most of your specularity will actually be textured via the Roughness channel these days. So if you want shininess, use a low Roughness. Finally, drop at least one reflection capture sphere to start getting reflections, but you may need to add more in high-detailed areas.

Hopefully that’s enough to get you started. Good luck!

Take a look at this thread to get some infos about the emissive lightning: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/22099/use-emissive-for-lightmass.html :wink:

It’s gone unfortunately. But it is going to be used with dynamic lighting as LPV gets properly integrated.
One way to fake it is, set your emissive material and object and use a light source with the same color, and set the light’s Min. Roughness value to 1. This way you’ll get only the emissive material show up on reflective surfaces and the light source to emit light(without reflections.)"

Hmm boi got alot to read up on, i used a few your tips from the material tutorials.

As for my values, metallic is 1 while roughness is 0.9 and i have no specular maps just defuse and normals. using your masking trick to give more detail in the normal maps.

show i lower the roughness? and should add a constant node to specular and set it to 0.5?

0.9 Roughness will really blow out any specularity or reflections. If you want that sort of thing, pull roughness down a bit. I would make Material Instance Constants for your level materials and apply those instead of the actual Material. That way you can make tweaks and see the results live in the viewport.

OH i using 4.0.2 unable to run 4.1 sadly. 4.0.2 runs smooth on my Intel graphic with my i5 laptop surprisingly much better than udk ran on it, but the 4.1 version out the box lags alot, not even in game I’ve seen lags this crazy on my system.

Awesome thanks will try that over weekend. and post results.

nice, you not going to die in the next hours… :stuck_out_tongue:

Zak your are the man!!!

Did what you told me to do and here is the results what you guys think?



Metallic is 1, roughness 0.5
everything is a material instance now instead of an standard material.

My next step is to figure out how to light this. I had to make all the mesh into blueprints so the uv error would stop popping up, and for some reason i can’t scale the files in blueprint so i can properly add the light nodes. :frowning: but the way i do it takes awhile but its getting there :stuck_out_tongue:

But any other tips or advice?

How should i handle the Emissive maps in material instances? at the moment i have it as brightness 1, metallic 1 (idk why i did this option) and then the 1 texture without a vector parameter.

Why dont you just create a 2nd uv channel? I think it will be better than just using blueprints in your level :stuck_out_tongue:

i tried that a few methods but didn’t work at all, you can’t expect much fro unity asset :stuck_out_tongue: they were design for unity not UE 4.

AH this one, isn’t for me, never use a 3d program in my life, i was always the idea guy, now i trying to get some level designing skills, so i not that useless and can bring more to the table besides ideas.