Need tutorial on throwing weapon & get it back

Hi, I’m aware there’re lots of tutorials about projectile components, with which you can spawn bullets &or grenades.

However, I’m looking for a tutorial on how to cast a spear, and get it back when attack button pressed again.

There are several problems I cannot solve:

  1. when the weapon is casted away, the player may have changed position & in another animation
  2. there probably be obstacles in the way between the weapon and the player.

Answer to both problems is magic.

Just teleport spear back.

Or pick it up when player is close to spear. By pick it up i mean teleport just very close range.

All games do it that way.

Do you mean respawn a spear specifically?

Also a lightening might be displayed before the weapon actually shows up in hand again.

I don’t know how to define the precise respawning position.