need tool like max slice modifier in unreal for construction animations

Need a programmer to develop a slicing tool that works on individual objects like how its done in max as you slice there is cap to close of the geo using planes.

 I would need to be easy to use ie pick item add slice tool plane shows up an the slice will be in one direction so i can hide the object an then i can raise the plane to reveal the object

kinda like materializing

just like this video

One way of building that is to add alpha test to the material/model, and calculate the alpha value based on the world space position.
Dot the world position with a world direction normal, and compare to a value that you can slide up/down to “slice” the object.
Note that hollow walls and such will not be capped when you do this. They will just show up as sliced-off infinitely-thin polygons. Also, the inner walls will typically not draw when they face away from you, unless you turn on two-sided geometry.

i know what you mean but they need to be cape how can i set this to paid job?

i have a budget of 1000 bucks not sure how many hours it would take to do, but let me know thanks

Changed prefix to ‘Paid’