Need to wrap my head around how to handle inventory and hotbar.

First off i am not asking for example work, or anyone to do the work for me. So here is what i need to do fairly soon. Inventory with hotbar, I am learning about UMG? forgot the abbreviation, it is for the UI system in unreal. So i am wondering how i would handle drag and drop inventory system. So far i am planning to store each item by a unique integer, i know i need to take images of the files, not sure how to link an image in an inventory slot which corresponds with the unique integer. Inventory systems for me have always been the hardest to complete, since i started as a modder for warband, working with inventory was punishing. Does unreal have a functional way of making a blue print drag and drop inventory system? I am not into buying premade systems, learning how to meet all my needs with my own hard work and dedication is important to me.

I could use a few hints though, maybe a few concepts to think about.

Thanks! <3

Sorry I am still new, just switched to unreal from unity and am currently taking udemy courses, not trying to ask questions before i am ready, but i want to get started again hopefully tomorrow.

Well what im seeing is that you’re learning c++ were umg uses blueprints to use. Try by looking over the documentation as I did to learn UMG UI Designer User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation
Also their great video tutorials were I use the basics and expand off what I have learned.I will tell you what I know but its blueprints(Sorry) But UMG is pretty simple for the most part just a few things that have tripped me up, start by making a widget under “User Interface”, open widget and design a simple layout (no functions yet) then goto character BP and on “event beginplay” use “create widget” select your widget and drag off the “Return Value” and “Promote to Variable” for easy access later. Then Right click on graph goto “Input” find a key you wish to use to open the umg menu (I=Inventory for example), with this key event you can drag off of “key pressed” and make a “flipflop” node. Now take your widget variable that we created earlier and place it on graph around the flipflop node(Preferably in middle since we will call it for A and B flipflop) Now we need to drag from our “Widget Variable” and type in “Add to Viewport” and hook “A” from “Flipflop” to “Add to Viewport” then drag off of our var again and type “remove from parent”. This function will allow your UI to show up and hide it when ever you hit your button. Hopefully you understand what im trying to say lol not a great teacher but that will at least get you started so you can start creating and at least see what you’re doing, functionality of drag and drop is a little more then I have knowledge of BUT i made all my menus got them working with buttons and click events now am moving to learn D&D myself, maybe we can skype and learn together? Skype name onimike and same for Epic Launcher.

Hope it helps

I suggest following this 3 part for setting this up.

It’s long but very thorough.

The above tutorial is pretty good for sure, just beware he missed a few parts so you may be super confused until he goes back to fix his mistakes

I will figure it out, thanks for your help dudes, anytime i asked for help on unity forum everyone was extremely rude.