Need to stop viewport from hiding the mouse cursor

Edit It seems like the real issue is that it thinks Mouse X input is ~10x higher when running HTML5 from a browser, this is probably a bug. It was still an incredible amount of work to get the cursor to stay unlocked, now it’s about 95% of the time it works.

bShowMouseCursor = true
DefaultViewportCaptureMode = No Capture

You know what, it doesn’t matter what settings I change. I have wasted hours. The bloody browser keeps erroneously capturing it IF my mouse leaves the canvas, prior to that it is fine. I’m working with HTML5 and I will miss my deadline and tell the client “I have no idea when it will be fixed” and they will not pay because it is the engine that is buggy after I’ve been staying up for days and nights to meet a deadline only to get kicked in the teeth.

Chrome just hides it, Microsoft Edge at least asks for permission to hide it.

I want my mouse to always be visible and never be locked to the viewport. The only time I can achieve this is when I get another bug, and that’s with erroneous axis input from the mouse making the camera spin ~100x faster than intended.

I also want it to do this without erroneous mouse input axis readings. I need at least a bandaid fix in the next day or two :confused: