Need to start a project as hobby with a good painter

Hello everyone
I’m Muhammad from Iraq, I’m more than 40 years old
I spent more than 15 years research and reading books on the Internet about the video games industry
Because I love this hobby a lot and I have very high experience, but I live in difficult conditions and poor health
That’s why I cant make a video game or a small project by me lone
and There are other reasons, one, that I live in the Arab world and I have not found anyone who is interested in this industry who is serious and
He join with me as a team and there are other reasons
Now what I can do is change my voice to multi different voices like a kid,young man, middle age, old man,evil,demon,Monster etc, and speak in Arabic language as a character in a story, and I can speak English with help of a English person and i can write a small stories I think I can lead a team for a successful video game project (and you can test me by your questions)
I can compose music very well and it fits with the small story which I wrote it
I have the ability to enter inside people’s feelings and control them by my voices of the words that I narrate in the manner of speaking or acting and the events of the story
And now I want to make a story and I need a good painter. We do our a project as hobby without making money and publish it on the Internet and wait, maybe other people like a programmer,3d modeller,animator etc will join with us and then we will complete an entire project
If we do not succeed, we will have enjoyed our hobby and gained experience that will benefit us for the future
This is my channel and this is music and a short story that I made with free tools and it took two days

And you can go to my YouTube channel and review some of my work related to the gaming industry and also you can contact me through the comments if you like the idea