Need to Setup Multiplayer.

Hello so I recently finished watching this video tutorial on how to setup multiplayer:
I was able to set it up but some things like the mainmenu that I learned to setup in the video didnt work.

I was wondering if anyone in the community would set it up for me and how much they would charge.
A little more information on my game is that I want the server to have a max players of 60 and for the players to have their data saved through steam (through the players steam ID).
If anyone can help me out it is much appreciated.
As this is the first step I am trying to finish before actually working on my game.

instead of paying someone fixing this stuff, how about you buy one of many multiplayer systems from the marketplace? I think there is one for mmorpgs that was tested with a lot of players.

but small advice: if youre new to ue4 engine you shouldn’t start with a huge project. 60 players on one server is (depending on genre) a hell of optimization. if you’re not an expert I wouldn’t recommend that.