Need to run Kismet while paused, or workaround

Edit: This belongs in the code forum, not the design forum. Sorry. I hope you don’t mind answering my question here.

Here’s the situation:

I have a Flash movie I’m using as a pause menu and I want the game to pause while I’m using that menu. I also need to run a Kismet sequence while my menu is up. That’s a problem because Kismet won’t run while the game is paused.

So I’m looking for a way to make this work:

Does Kismet have a timing mode somewhere that lets some parts of it run in real-time as opposed to game-time? That would be ideal. I could just leave the game paused, but the Kismet sequence would run and I would get what I need.

Is there a way to set WorldInfo.TimeDilation to something so small that the game may as well be paused? (I tried that: If I use WorldInfo.Game.SetGameSpeed, there seems to be a slightly positive minimum limit to the game speed. I can still notice the game moving along especially when particles are in view. Setting TimeDilation directly to zero causes divide-by-zero errors.)

Is there a way to make the Flash movie control whether the game is paused? I would use that to unpause the game, let the Kismet run, and send a notification back when the sequence is done, so I can repause the game, hopefully with only one unpaused tick having passed. (I tried that too: If I set the GFxMoviePlayer class’ default property bPauseGameWhileActive=TRUE, then I can’t unpause the game while the menu is up. If I leave it out, then I can pause the game, but the game automatically unpauses whenever the movie needs to advance. In either case I have to set TimingMode=TM_REAL.)

Any ideas? Thanks for your help. (And by the way, you know you’ve been coding too long when you unconsciously type a semicolon before pressing Enter. I’ve had to backspace that twice now.)

That is a good question and made me think as i have a menu too and havent thought about what will hapen when you pause.(mine menu is done with kismet nodes).When i use the pause command only my mouse cursor works.By default ive seen that if you pause (escape key) a ut game the flash menu pops up and the background is realy paused so there must be a way(probably you shoud investigate that).The thing im doing now is when i want to (fake-pause)my game in order to show the menu is just to turn off the physiscs of the character and toggle of his movement.(the background is still live )But i supose it depends on the game style.
See if the freeze command coud do something(i doubth it will).