Need to return Timeline back to Zero with 'On ComponentEndOverlap'

I’m certain this is very easy for a seasoned Blueprinter but I can’t seem to figure out what logic I need. I’ve tried a bunch of crazy stuff but have deleted it all and posted my simple Event Graph.

I have a Sphere Collision on a Static Mesh that starts to rotate as soon as my Pawn overlaps the Collision Sphere. The mesh that rotates has a front. I’ve successfully triggered spinning as I overlap and I can reverse or stop the rotation. I can even get the rotation to begin with the front facing me the next time I overlap. That’s all fine.

But, how to I get the mesh to snap to the rotation where the front is facing me when ‘EndOverlap’ occurs? I tried ‘SetNew Time’ but that grabs the place it stopped rotating which is random. I’d like to walk away from the mesh and have it just snap back to the starting rotation position.

The timeline won’t be doing anything after you tell it to stop. Put a Sequence node between the End Overlap and Stop with the first pin and then set the rotation back with the other pin to a new Set Relative Rotation node.

Thanks @UntamedLoli , I appreciate the hint. Let me see if I can figure that out. I’ll post my results later.

Edit: Worked like a charm. Simplicity is a beautiful thing. You’d laugh if you knew how many hours I spent trying to make that work and the bizarre graphs I was coming up with. Thanks again. :slight_smile: