Need to remove products from Epic Games Store, given the "promotion period" has ended.


I need to remove some products from the Epic Games Store, 3 products under our umbrella.

I will not provide the PUIDs on a public forum, but if you can email me at, I would be able to provide those via email.

I cannot log into the eoshelp forum, because as another user mentions, the page 404s as you’re trying to log into it, regardless of which browser or what steps that you take.

Again, please email me to receive the PUIDs so that we can remove these limited time DLCs from the Epic Games Store.

Thank you.

Bumping this thread. I am seeking epic games developer support, but as per this thread here, I can’t log into the developer support portal to ask for assistance.

I am requesting someone reach out to me via the email pasted above ( to continue this conversation and help me take care of this issue, please.

Hey there MadMushroomMedia,

We’re sorry you are having issues with viewing the Developer Support Portal. You should be able to access the support site to submit a private case. Could you please try again? Please update us if you continue to see issues logging into the support site.

We hope this helps!

Hey, this worked, thank you! Thank you very much!