need to remove a broken plug in thats making project crash

I added a couple plug ins and one of them is causing my project to crash now after its restart i’ve tried several times to open it to no avail. I know theres a way to get in and turn off the plug in thru the code i just can’t for the life of me remember what to do exactly and don’t wanna poke around without a solid idea of what i’m doing. if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appriciated.

I think you can just edit the engine.ini ( in the config folder ).

However, looking at that, I seem to be wrong…

Ah, it’s in the uproject file ( open it with a text editor ).

If it’s not in there, then just rename it or it’s plugin folder to force it not to load.

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Ok awesome i’ll try that yeah i was sure I could do it somewhere but wasn’t sure exactly where so i should be able to find the issue now thanks alot