Need to present project with Pixel Streaming but disable other viewers from having input.

I’m developing a presentation using Pixel Streaming. I’m fairly new to UE4 and not a programmer. That my be my ignorant mistake. I have it working but I need to lock it out so the viewers can’t control anything in the Stream I’m serving. I’ve used the Epic documentation to add some HTML code to disable interaction to devices but that locks me out too.

Is there a way for me to control and presentation while disabling all other user input?

Edit: I’m trying to help myself and hope someone can help me configure the files I need. I found the following but have no idea where to start on how to implement it. I think it’s exactly what I need. I just don’t know how to construct the code to do it. I’ve constructed the .htm page for an ‘attendee’ but don’t know how to direct the servers to use it.

------------------------------- Multiple Player Endpoints-----------------------------------

You may want all users to be in the same Unreal Engine session, but not have exactly the same ability to control that session. In this scenario, you could customize each different HTML player page and its JavaScript environment to expose only the controls you want. Then, each class of users would need to request a different URL from the Signaling and Web Server. For example, maybe the presenter loads http://yourhostname/presenter.html and other users load http://yourhostname/attendee.html.

Hello, RobH2. I know it has already been way past 1 year, but I wanted to know if you were able to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for your reply.