Need to populate a BP created array from my C++ class

Not entirely sure how to go about this. All the arrays I normally have populated by this class are created and populated in the cpp code itself. But now I’ve got some pawns that each need their own arrays populated by the C++ class.

I COULD have a temporary array in the cpp class that I clear and fill as needed then copy to the blueprint that needs it, but that just seems inefficient. I would much rather send my function a pointer or something to the array that the code could then populate for my BP, but that’s what I’m not sure how to do.


Any questions and I’d be happy to clarify. It’s late and I’m typing this on an iPad. Two things that make posting difficult. Lol



Why not put the array in the C++ of the Pawn, make it a UPROPERTY so the BP can use it also, but would make it simple for it to be filled in C++?

Well, the BP Pawn that needs the array has no CPP code associated with it, but it’s actually my CPP Labyrinth Generator that will be building the array for the pawns to store.

I’ve written a couple functions to test out, but for some reason they’re not showing up in the BP for me to access, and I’m trying to post screenshots, but the forum is being stupid and not allowing me to upload my images again… Stupid Database Error. Will try again in a few.

The screenshots.

If I separate the screenshot into two chunks, it seems to let up upload them, so here’s what I’m trying to try, but isn’t showing up in the BP. You can see that my GeneratePath function is setup to be BlueprintCallable, just like GeneratePathToEnd, but in the BP it’s not showing up.

Header File

Inside BP

hot reload issue maybe, have you tried restarting the engine?