Need to manually scroll a texture in Game

I’m fairly new to UE and Blueprints. I have a job that is a virtual stage where speeches are going to be practiced in VR. I need to place a panel (static mesh or similar) in front of where the person speaking will stand. I need to able manually scroll it, as if it were a teleprompter.

If I had a texture that is 1920 wide and about 6000 tall, how would I set it up so I can manually scroll it up as it’s being read?

Try the material below. The R and B values of the Offset param are the x and y offsets, which are added to the texture coordinates. So to move your speech up, create a material instance, apply it to a plane and modify the Offset param (B) when it should move up or down.

For the manual scrolling: get the distance in the up-direction of the panel between the current location of the motion controller and it’s location when the player grabbed the panel. The difference vector of the current location of the motion controller and the initial location of it projected on the vector which points to the top of the panel (in the direction the text moves) should do it, but I’ll have a closer look at this tomorrow.

I would suggest just scrolling actual Text rather then a picture.
What if it mips down and you can’t read it?
Using a text widget would never cause this.

AND you can pan the text into the widget with a variable speed / and ease / using the animation properties.

Thank you to both of your for this. I’m working on the project this weekend. Let me try both and I’ll report.

I really appreciate these…:slight_smile:

I’ll attempt this but I’m still in diapers…lol… If you do get time to hold my hand in doing the ‘manual’ scrolling part I could use the help.FYI, the player/user won’t grab the panel. They’ll just be standing there. There would be a static mesh or a plane just sitting in front of them connected to a 3d podium mesh object. Maybe a push on the left joystick would move the image up and down?

Yes, I tried it today with the method of MostHost LA. It works. I am also new to the Unreal Engine, but this should be a starting point (see attachments - it’s based on the VR template). I also attached the text panel to the left motion controller, like if you are holding it with the left hand and scrolling it with the right hand when grabbing. Thinkable improvements would be a compensation of the trembling of the left hand and smoother scrolling.

You can at every time in the script draw a line with DrawDebugLine. This can help a lot with visualizing and understanding the vector calculations.

Thank you for this. Let me have a look and I’ll report back. **