need to make a texture wobble slowly in material editor, how?

Hello, I need to make a slow wobble motion on a texture inside the material editor how do you approach this?

Ex. Just move a texture like what panner does, but instead of panning just wobble a bit.

Put a sine or “sineRemapped” node between a time node and the panner.
tweak timing speed by multiplying it with a vector, tweak panning speed by changing values on the sine-remapped node or a lerp.

Thanks Luos that helped!

I was wondering if there was a way to make the textures to also rotate slightly instead of just panning left to right, I tried ‘Custom rotator’ with time but that didn’t really work, as i need the effect to be very subtle.

Something like a noise controller would’ve done the trick.

Thanks again.

you can always pan/rotate a noise texture, multiply the red channel with some value and multiply that with the vertexNormalWS to achieve a wobbly/spiky effect

Hi Raildex,

By ‘noise controller’ I was using 3d app terminology sorry if that confused things.

I don’t want deformations on mesh, here’s what i’m trying to achieve:

A light function that fakes projection of tree shadows on the ground, but i need them to move. Here’s a quick video i made regarding the motion i am trying to achieve inside UE.
Sample gif below:

noisetree (1).gif

As you can see the panning happens randomly on horizontal and vertical axis. ‘Sine’ somewhat got me quarter to halfway there, i just need to introduce randomness to the motion.

Thanks guys!

you can add a Sine with a higher/lower frequency additionally to adjust left/right and up/down

Trying to understand it, here’s my setup so far, regardless of what i do with the values, the tree keeps moving only horizontally back and forth only in that direction.

I currently am not at my pc but do this:

Create two sine nodes and put time into it as usual.
Multiply one of the sines with a value < 1 ( < 0.1 should be good)
you should also multiply one of the time nodes with some value to increase/decrease the frequency.

Now take both values and Append them (it becomes a 2D Vector).

Now add your TexCoord with the Result of Append. plug that into your UVs.


You can also try this:

Use a noise Texture and pann/rotate whatever way you want.
Now put the (red channel) noise texture into alpha of a LinearInterpolate and use A as -.02 and B as .02
Now take your Texcoord and add the result of Lerp and add plug it into your Texture UV input.

Try this.
you dont really need the randomizer part, but in my case I needed it.

Luos ideas are sound! Thats the cheapest way to achieve something like you want since there is no texture involved to generate the effect. If you can afford, performance wise, 1 texture lookup, you could use MacroVariation or MicroVariation textures (you can find them in several Epic’s materials in the starter package) and use it go add extra randomness.

Thanks guys you are being very helpful! I will try your methods and see where i get and let you know in case something doesn’t work out.

It uses 4 Sines only.

Great timing just awesome Raildex! I will be trying this soonest. Thanks a ton guys very helpful!