Need to link 9 different texture maps made in Knald... HELP PLEASE!

Hello guys, I am new @ Unreal Engine 4, so I need some help to understand the Texture Editor.

I spend time & money to make 8 different maps for every single texture of my project,
but I don’t know where to use all those maps… :confused: I made them with Knald (by Knald Technologies LLC):


But in Unreal Engine 4 - I am not sure WHERE to use them?
The only one - I am sure about is: " Normal map " that I put it on the right place, and the " occlusion map " is just my guess:


So my question is: Can you please help me connect those maps names with Material editor rows in UE4?
Normal map = connected
Concavity map = link to what?
Convexity map = link to what?
Curvature map = link to what?
Derivative map = link to what?
Occlusion map = connected
Height map = link to what?
Transmission map = link to what?

Is one of those represent the " Metallic " / " Specular " / " Roughness " / " Emissive Color " or so?

I know I can only use: " Color Map " + " Normal Map " + values for Roughness & Metallic to make a nice render, but I want to use MAX of those maps I got from Knald, so can you please help me? :confused:


Here’s an overview of the material inputs to illustrate what they do and why to use them: Material Inputs | Unreal Engine Documentation

It’s clear that “Knald” uses a different material assembly so I’d suggest checking out this thread posted by another user for some key points that may help you:

Also this may be of use to you, observe this guy attaching knald materials inside of UE4. He isn’t narrating but if you follow it closely at around 35:00 minutes in that should be a huge help:

Hopefully this has been useful to you!