Need to know if these specs would be good

Hey. I’m between getting an iMac or a smaller computer that I will upgrade but by bit.

The iMac is an 1.4ghz i5 cpu
8gb ram
Intel had graphics 6000

Or of course a windows desktop that I know can be upgraded.

But I just want to know if the iMac would be good enough to game on, stream on and use unreal etc

Not really, any computer that’s using an Intel GPU will not be very powerful–they are designed for the average user and not for gaming. You would want something with a good Nvidia or AMD GPU.

Save the cash you’d spend on an Apple and build a new PC. Apple computers do not have much wiggle room for upgrades, plus they tend to really under-perform graphically.

For the $1800 or so you’d spend on an iMac, you could get that i5, the 8Gb of RAM, a cheap but functional case+PSU, a decent motherboard ($150-200), screen+mouse+keyboard, and have change left over for a high-end GPU like an R9-390 or a GTX 970.

Naw son, those specs are hella wack. Just get yourself a proper pc.