Need to Hire MetaHuman Animators for immediate short video production

Hello MetaHuman animators! my name is Kevin MacDonald and I am the Senior Project Manager on a global reach animated video project. We are looking to hire individuals and/or firm to animate a 4-minute video that would have animated humans from all over the world speaking in their native language. Phase one of this video will be in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Phase two will include additional languages as this video will be distributed globally. Our video will be mostly talking heads / upper torso. We will need about 14-18 animated characters representing unique nationalities visually (i.e. skin color, dress, facial features, etc.) We have already made a live action video version of this and will provide a sample for anyone interested. We are currently looking for quotes and would be happy to provide more details and production timeline. Ideally we would like to complete this project by late fall / early winter 2021. If this sounds interesting to you, please email me directly at I will send you our current video sample and all the details you’ll need to provide a quote.

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Email sent. Please check